Top Story: Jeff Sessions Rescinds Trans Protections
Oct 06 8:30 am

The Justice Department has removed workplace protections from transgender individuals.

Trump Tries to Have His Cake and Deport It, Too
Sep 15 6:00 am

An unexpected bipartisan deal on DACA creates further political chaos for conservatives and DREAMers.

Opinion: The DACA Rollback is Indefensible
Sep 07 6:00 am

Punishing those who commit no crime is a mockery of justice.

Top Story: Trump Ends DACA Program
Sep 06 8:00 am

President Trump has ended a program that provides amnesty for people brought here illegally as children.

Opinion: The Long Road to Charlottesville
Aug 22 6:00 am

The tragic domestic terrorism in Charlottesville had deep roots.

Roundtable – White Supremacy, Counter Protests, and Violence
Aug 21 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the ramifications of last weekend’s violent clashes.

Top Story: Donald Trump Doubles Down
Aug 16 6:00 am

Donald Trump reiterated his stance that the weekend’s violence was not Nazi in origin.

Top Story: Nazi Rally in Virginia Turns Violent
Aug 15 7:30 am

Violence erupted at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

(Opinion) The WH Argument for Legal Immigration Restrictions is Incoherent and Unamerican
Aug 03 4:55 pm

Stephen Miller poorly defended the new RAISE act in a recent press conference.

Top Story: Trump Announces Transgender Service Ban via Twitter
Jul 27 6:00 am

President Trump’s Twitter announcement of a new ban on transgender service members caught both allies and opponents by surprise.