August 2017 Unemployment Update
Sep 05 6:00 am

The labor market shows continued signs of stability.

July 2017 Unemployment Update
Aug 08 12:50 am

The labor market continues to rest on last month’s plateau.

June 2017 Unemployment Update
Jul 14 6:00 am

At best unemployment is plateauing, and it may be rising again.

Everybody to the Limit: How Things Look Three Months Away From The Debt Ceiling
Jun 30 6:00 am

Another needless fight over the debt ceiling may be brewing in Congress.

A Contrast Of Visions: Obama’s 2017 Budget v. Trump’s 2018 Budget
Jun 14 6:00 am

The contrasts between President Obama’s last budget and President Trump’s first budget reveal the two men’s differing approaches to government.

May 2017 Unemployment Update
Jun 05 6:00 am

Unemployment’s downward trend continued, but the news wasn’t as uniformly good as it was the first four months of the year.

Automation Does Appear to Reduce Labor Demand
May 19 5:00 am

Growth in use of industrial robots could result in the loss of up to 4 million jobs and suppression of wage growth by up to 2.6% by 2025.

[Opinion] – A Ground-level View of the EPA
May 10 6:00 am

A conservation worker tells about the practical impact of EPA funding.

April 2017 Unemployment Update
May 08 6:00 am

The latest batch of unemployment numbers show that jobs are increasing in quality, as well as quantity.

Recent Unemployment Trends
May 04 6:00 am

The trends so far in the Trump administration point toward a quiet April unemployment report.