Roundtable: The Fabulous Electric Right Wing Disinformation Machine
Nov 06 6:30 am

Torchlight staff discuss Uranium One and other right wing propaganda efforts.

Top Story: Regrets and Retreat from Billionaire GOP Donor
Nov 03 9:13 am

Bob Mercer withdraws support from Yiannopoulos, Breitbart, citing free speech concerns.

Virginia State Police: No “Weapons Caches” Found In Charlottesvile
Aug 16 6:05 am

Torchlight’s reporting reveals erroneous claims of “weapons caches” supposedly found before Charlottesville protest.

Top Story: Scaramucci Lasts 10 Days as Communications Director
Aug 02 6:00 am

The latest White House shake-up happened with record speed.

Roundtable – Shootings and the Media Response
Jun 19 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss last week’s shooting at a Congressional baseball practice.

What Was it Like to Attend a Senate Hearing?
May 15 5:00 am

Christopher Dahlins relates what it felt like to go to a public Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Roundtable – Free Speech and Nazis on TV
May 08 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the implications of arguing with white supremacists on national television.

Torchlight Salutes Wikitribune
Apr 26 6:00 am

The new journalism project from the creator of Wikipedia addresses the same concerns as Torchlight.

Roundtable – Bill O’Reilly Fired
Apr 24 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the end of Bill O’Reilly’s career at Fox News.

One Website, Two Administrations
Apr 19 6:00 am

What’s happening at the Office of Science and Technology? The Trump admin’s website offers few clues.