Top Story: Richard Spencer Shouted Down in Florida
Oct 23 12:16 pm

Protesters put an early end to Richard Spencer’s rally in FLorida

Top Story: Trump’s Variable ‘Proof’
Oct 19 6:00 am

The President’s appalling statements to a military widow are part of a pattern of lies.

Top Story: President Trump Issues Executive Order on Obamacare
Oct 17 8:00 am

The President’s executive orders on health care threaten the solvency of the Affordable Care Act.

Top Story: Response to Las Vegas Shooting Entirely Predictable
Oct 04 8:00 am

The national conversation on mass shootings follows a well-worn path.

Roundtable: Puerto Rico
Oct 03 8:35 am

Torchlight staff discuss the government’s response to the disaster in Puerto Rico.

Top Story: Graham-Cassidy Bill’s Passage Doubtful
Sep 25 6:00 am

The latest ACA repeal attempt faces a doubtful future as more Republicans come out against it.

Top Story: Mueller Seeks Trump Documents
Sep 21 7:00 am

Special council Robert Mueller’s investigation draws closer to President Trump.

Top Story: Amendment Would Streamline Citizenship Revocation
Sep 20 8:00 am

An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act would grant the Secretary of Homeland Security sole discretion in citizenship revocation cases.

Top Story: ACA Repeal Revived
Sep 19 6:00 am

Senate Republicans are once again attempting to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

Roundtable – Trump Cooperates with Democrats
Sep 11 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the debt ceiling deal reached between President Trump and Democratic leadership, and its political implications.