Top Story: Congress Kicks Can, Throws a Bone
Sep 08 6:00 am

A debt limit raise and relief for hurricane victims were combined into the same bill.

Roundtable – Trump and the Generals
Sep 04 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the relationship between President Trump and top military brass.

Roundtable – Fired for Being a Nazi
Aug 28 9:50 am

Torchlight staff discuss the social and employment ramifications of openly marching at a white supremacist rally.

Opinion: McConnell Has the Advantage in Upcoming Budget Fight
Aug 24 12:00 pm

Mitch McConnell is in a better bargaining position than President Trump.

Top Story: Trump to CEOs – You Can’t Disband if I Disband You First
Aug 17 6:00 am

Two advisory councils to the President decided to disband, but were instead disbanded.

Top Story: Trump Transcripts Tell Troubling Tale
Aug 04 11:28 am

Transcripts of phone conversations between Trump and the leaders of Mexico and Australia reveal a disturbing mindset.

Roundtable – Anarchy in the GOP
Jul 31 6:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the recent shakeups and surprises afflicting the Republican Party.

Top Story: GOP Health Care Repeal Efforts Proceed in Senate
Jul 26 6:00 am

GOP Senators, including John McCain, risk electoral and health consequences to push forward ACA repeal.

Top Story: Jared Kushner Reveals Nothing New
Jul 25 7:00 am

President Trump’s son-in-law and adviser delivers meaningless statement denying involvement in Russian/campaign collusion.

Roundtable – State of the Admin
Jul 24 5:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the last week in politics and the state of Trump’s admin, six months in.