Friday Spotlight – June 2, 2017
Jun 02 6:00 am

Major headlines for the week of May 29 – June 2.

[Opinion] NATO Doesn’t Exist to Win Wars; It Exists to Prevent Them
May 31 6:00 am

Eroding trust in NATO is deeply irresponsible.

AHCA Stories: “Your parent, child, sibling, or neighbor could be impacted”
May 30 6:00 am

Torchlight’s Adam Lavigne speaks with Brad Williams about his daughter’s pre-existing condition and how the AHCA might affect her.

How “Special” is the Special Counsel, Anyway?
May 26 6:00 am

Robert Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel carries broad investigatory powers but an unknown future.

Michael Flynn: A Turkish and Russian Agent in the White House
May 26 6:00 am

Questions surround the enigmatic Michael Flynn, a once-celebrated general now revealed as an agent of two foreign nations.

Update: More Memos, More Obstruction
May 24 6:00 am

More revelations show Trump’s continued attempts to interfere in the FBI investigation into Russian collusion.

The Joke’s on the GOP
May 22 7:00 am

GOP leadership wave off a recorded acknowledgement of Trump’s Putin connection as a joke. Seriously?

Comey Memos and Trump “Tapes”
May 22 7:00 am

Disturbing revelations emerge from recently fired FBI Director Comey’s memos, while Trump threatens to release his own documentation.

[Opinion] Order of Regression
May 19 5:00 am

If Trump is impeached, who stands to take his place?

Roundtable – The James Comey Firing
May 15 5:00 am

Torchlight staff discuss the ramifications of the Comey firing.