Friday Spotlight – April 2-6

Each Friday, Torchlight Media will publish a summary of the major news that happened for that week: the announcements and events, the twists and turns of ongoing stories, and all of the other highlights in between. Our goal is to give you a big-picture look at the week’s news so that even if you can’t follow everything yourself, you can have a general sense of where things stand. We hope, too, that seeing the highlights laid out will help you separate the small, pointless stories that crop up over the week from the more impactful, ongoing stories.

Here’s what’s in the spotlight for this week.


Over the weekend:

On Monday:

  • Allegations emerged EPA chief Scott Pruitt rented a condo for $50 a day from a lobbyist, proceeded to grant that lobbyist’s client project approval.
  • Already overworked, immigration judges were instructed to speed through cases to meet new quotas from the Justice Department.
  • Stock prices began the year’s second quarter at a low level not seen since the Great Depression. Volatility stemming from the tariff slinging and Presidential attacks on Amazon, one of the largest companies in the stock market, may be a portent for future economic declines.

On Tuesday:

On Wednesday:

  • China continued the incipient trade war, including soybeans and cars in their tariff threats.
  • President Trump signed a proclamation instructing the National Guard to man the border between the United States and Mexico. Since he has no actual authority over the Guard, the proclamation is a formal suggestion to governors, and did not require a signature.
  • Protests continued on the Palestinian border. Eighteen people have been killed by the Israeli Defense Force, and more than 1,000 wounded.

On Thursday: