House Republicans End Russia Probe

Monday, March 12 2018. The day the majority party in the House of Representatives decided to publicly acknowledge their capitulation to a president who continue to participate unabated in the Russian perversion of American democracy. To be fair, in the beginning the House Intelligence Committee, lead by Devin Nunes (R-CA), was explicitly opposed to the idea of a Trump-Russia connection and to uninterested in investigating the possibility. Such upholding of our Constitutional Democracy was to be left in the hands of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Reactions came swift to the news, with Adam Schiff (D-CA), ranking member of the House Intel Committee, delivering a fervent rebuttal of the decision of the majority. His response, in part reads:

“On a fundamental aspect of our investigation — substantiating the conclusions of the Intelligence Community’s assessment that the Russians interfered in our democracy to advance the Trump campaign, hurt Clinton and sow discord — we should have been able to issue a common report. On those issues, the evidence is clear and overwhelming that the Intelligence Community Assessment was correct. On a whole host of investigative threads, our work is fundamentally incomplete…If the Russians do have leverage over the President of the United States, the Majority has simply decided it would rather not know.”

Less than two hours later, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) offered her perspective that the failure of the House Intelligence Committee can and should be laid at the feet of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan for his lack of leadership in allowing an investigation to proceed without the intent of uncovering the truth and defending the Constitution, as is their sworn oath to do.

Around the same time, President Donald Trump also reacted. In all capital letters, via a tweet, he declared: “THE HOUSE INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEE HAS, AFTER A 14 MONTH LONG IN-DEPTH INVESTIGATION, FOUND NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION OR COORDINATION BETWEEN THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN AND RUSSIA TO INFLUENCE THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.” What is missing from this analysis was included in both Congressperson Schiff’s and Pelosi’s. The fact is that multiple Americans tied to the Trump campaign for President, as well as multiple Russians, have already been indicted or pled guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal through the work of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Now that one chamber of Congress has decided to abdicate its duty to provide oversight of the Executive branch and to safeguard our democratic elections going forward, there is but one solution that is ironclad. We, as Americans who prize our freedom and liberty, can clearly not expect to trust Republican led investigations. We cannot rely on Robert Mueller’s investigation, as there is no timeline known nor is there evidence that his findings will be acted upon by this Congress. What must be done is the lawful, democratic election of members of Congress who will do these things with integrity. Namely, the Republicans must go and Democrats must take their place. The evidence has been laid bare, the Majority party in Congress rode to victory on the coattails of a Presidential candidate being aided by a foreign power, and they do not care to do anything about it. So we, the people, must do it for them beginning in earnest this November.