Results: Elections in VA, NJ, and Across the Nation

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 brought an American off-year election with many things in the balance. Governorships, state legislatures, and various referendum questions were on ballots across the country. Selected results available at press time include the following:

Virginia Governor:

Ed Gillespie, R – 45.1%

Ralph Northam, D – 53.7%


Virginia Lt. Governor:

Jill Vogel, R – 47.3%

Justin Fairfax, D – 52.7%


Virginia Attorney General:

John Adams, R – 46.7%

Mark Herring, D – 53.3%


Virginia House of Delegates

Total seats:

Republican – 46 seats

Democratic – 47 seats (13 picked up)

Too Close to Call – 7 seats

New Jersey Governor:

Kim Guadagno, R – 42.3%

Phil Murphy, D – 55.8%


New Jersey State Senate

Total seats:

Republican – 15

Democratic – 25


New Jersey State Assembly

Total seats:

Republican – 21

Democratic – 53

New York City Mayor:

Nicole Malliotakis, R – 27.8%

Bill de Blasio, D – 66.5%


New York state ballot measures:

Constitutional Convention

Yes – 16.7%

No – 83.3%


New York City Council

All seats:

Republican – 4

Democratic – 47

Utah U.S. House, District 3:

John Curtis, R – 57.6%

Kathie Allen, D – 27.1%

Maine Ballot Question

Expand Medicaid Eligibility:

Yes – 58.8%

No – 41.2%

The takeaway from these election results is that Democrats are securing the wins that were expected, gaining majorities where it was not a foregone conclusion, and doing so by margins that indicate a strong rebuttal of the Republican Party, and perhaps their association with Donald Trump.

The next major election to look out for is the Special General Election for US Senator from Alabama, where Republican primary victor Roy Moore faces Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Independent Arlester McBride is also seeking the seat as a write-in candidate. Tuesday’s election and all the special elections lead into next year’s major fight for US House and Senate, as well as many Governor races.