Top Story: California Fires

The fires in Northern California have spread quickly, thanks to warm winds and fueled by dry conditions, destroying at least 1500 properties, and killing at least 10. 8 counties have reported fires, representing more than 14 separate conflagrations. Governor Jerry Brown declared an emergency in three counties, saying “This is really serious; it’s moving fast. The heat, the lack of humidity and the winds are all driving a very dangerous situation and making it worse. It’s not under control by any means. But we’re on it in the best way we know how.”

More than 70,000 acres have been acres have been burned, and most of those in Sonoma and Napa Valleys, where the wine trade is a renowned industry. More than 100 people have been treated at area hospital. Two hospitals in Santa Rosa have been evacuated, but fortunately, all patients were removed safely.

Meanwhile, a fire that started Monday in Anaheim has grown to more than 5,000 acres, and 1,000 people have been evacuated. This dilutes the resources of the ability of firefighters to react to the major fires further north. Smoke has affected visibility over Disneyland, and an air quality warning has been issued for Los Angeles county.  Unfortunately, conditions are such that the fire is moving extremely quickly.  The speed of the spread is such that the 500 firefighters are concentrating on getting people out of the way of the blaze, and hope to be reinforced up to 1000 when they begin to try fighting the blaze directly.