Top Story: Manafort and Gates Indicted; Probe Draws Near Top Trump Campaigners

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and his business partner Rick Gates were indicted on Monday on 12 charges concerning illegal lobbying for foreign governments and financial crimes. The two men turned themselves in peacefully, and both pleaded not guilty.

The more surprising news of the day, however, came when court documents revealed emails between George Papadopoulos and high level Trump campaign staff, the names of whom were not publically released. Papadopoulos was a low-level member of the Trump campaign, and according to the documents had repeatedly attempted to set up meetings between suspected agents of the Russian government and high-level members of the Trump campaign.

Papadopoulos was arrested earlier this year for lying to a federal agent, and has been cooperating with Mueller’s investigation. His emails, and the responses to them from high-level Trump campaign staff, indicate that Papadopoulos attempts to collude with the Russians were known at the top levels of the campaign.