Top Story: Mueller Seeks Trump Documents

The investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller has apparently expanded to include the President of the United States Donald Trump. The most significant requests so far seem to be documents pertaining to the firing of 2 key figures in the early Trump administration: National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, and FBI Director James Comey.

Mueller reportedly is also seeking information concerning a meeting with Russian Officials where Trump referred to Director Comey as “a nutjob”, and said that “the pressure was off” because he fired him, although the President seems to have been proven incorrect about that.

Paul Manafort, one of the people that had helped run Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, is also a target of the investigation. It has also been revealed that Manafort was the subject of a FISA warrant, and was a party to a no-knock warrant in July, waking to FBI agents in his home after they picked the lock, and raiding whatever documents and information he stored there. He was told to expect an indictment.

As Mueller’s investigation gains ever more momentum and personnel, the main question is what will the President’s reaction be? His temper and lack of patience seems to indicate he will react explosively, but so far, he seems to be able to keep himself relatively under control.