Top Story: Puerto Rico Calls for Aid

The American citizens living on the island of Puerto Rico are in dire need of aid. The vast majority of the nearly 3.5 million residents are without power, water, and food as the recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Maria continues.

When tragedy of nature strikes, The President of the United States of America has historically been seen as the “Consoler-in-Chief.” President Trump, however, has taken this moment to instead cast blame on the struggling Puerto Rican economy:

As the already stretched relief organizations attempt to do what they can to help those suffering the effects of Hurricane Maria, the Trump administration made the decision not to lift shipping restrictions on foreign vessels to Puerto Rico, a move that was allowed in the wake of the storms ravaging Texas and Florida. Since Hurricane Katrina, there has been mounting pressure on FEMA and current administrations in general to act swiftly and completely to prevent such humanitarian crises on American soil again. It remains to be seen if this response from Trump will suffice politically and practically for the millions of Americans currently still suffering from Hurricane Maria’s path of destruction.