Top Story: Rohingya Crisis Update

A week ago, Torchlight reported on the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar being leveled upon the Rohingya people. The 300,000 Rohingya Muslims were fleeing an escalating pattern of violence from the Myanmar government, including the destruction of over 6600 homes and the deaths of upwards of 1000. With the failure of the initial ceasefire, the catastrophe continues.

In the last week, the numbers have increased with around 400,000 refugees now estimated to have fled to Bangladesh. A total of 176 villages have been completely abandoned during this ethnic cleansing of a people who have been in Myanmar since the 12th century. The Rohingya are now being systematically removed from their homes with the added insult of not being referred to as “Rohingya” by Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi, but rather the inaccurate term “Bengalis” to instill the false narrative of an other from Bangladesh.

Currently, the expectation is that over a half million refugees will be pushed from their homes in Myanmar into the already over-stressed camps in Bangladesh. As with all humanitarian crises, pressure to assist those in need must come from the voting masses. In the United States, that means contacting with your concerns your House Representatives and Senators, the President, the American U.N. Ambassador, as well as the various aid organizations that can help make a difference in the fight for common human dignity.