Top Story: Secretary Tillerson Cuts Cyber Defense Amidst Cyber Attacks

Today’s Top Story: Not to be fully overshadowed by acts, or lack of acts, of Congress, the State Department is reportedly looking to downsize even more. Now Secretary Tillerson is planning to merge or completely remove the cyber office at State. It’s an interesting stance considering both the cyber attacks that have occurred recently and statements from President Trump indicating a desire to create some kind of cyber security initiative with Russia (one of, if not the, main cyber attackers). 

The Trump administration has failed to fill key positions throughout government. They started by being historically behind on nominations and continued unabated by this lack of leadership within the Cabinet. Now, Secretary of State Tillerson is looking to further decimate necessary positions in the highest levels of American government and with that open the United States to yet more intrusions of security infrastructure and elections.

As career public servants remove themselves from being under the Trump administration, and having heads of agencies that are actively hostile to the purpose of their department, there will continue to be vacancies that cannot be filled by adequately competent individuals because no one wants to work for an administration so mired in controversy and lead by someone who creates such a turbulent atmosphere.