Top Story: Trump to CEOs – You Can’t Disband if I Disband You First

Today’s Top Story: In the wake of the Charlottesville vehicle attack and President Trump’s inability to condemn white supremacist terrorism on US soil, several CEOs withdrew from the Strategic and Policy Forum, an advisory panel for business matters, and the Manufacturing Council, a similar panel for manufacturing concerns. In the midst of the withdrawals Trump disbanded both panels.

The CEOs cited dismay over Trump’s slow, unclear, and ultimately inadequate response to the weekend’s hate crime. One of the first to resign, Kenneth Frazier of Merck, cited the need to reject “hatred, bigotry, and group supremacy” and stated that his withdrawal was both a professional act and “a matter of personal conscience.”

Frazier resigned on August 14, and as the President doubled and tripled down on his statements, other members of the council followed. A conference call Tuesday morning concluded that both panels should dissolve. Before that could happen, however, Trump disbanded the panels over Twitter. He cited the need to not “put pressure on the businesspeople” on the councils.

At press time, the President has not Tweeted whether any replacement advisory committees will be created.