Now Is The Time For Politics

As with every mass shooting in America, only more so, the cry went up last Wednesday following the attack on Congressional Republican members at a practice for a charity baseball game: Disgusting. Not a day for politics. — John Whitbeck (@JohnWhitbeck) June 14, 2017 (Whitbeck is the chair of the Republican Party in Virginia.)

AHCA Stories: “This is about real people’s lives.”

In the wake of the House passage of the American Health Care Act, I spoke with one individual whose life would be deeply impacted by the AHCA becoming law. The following transcript has been lightly edited and annotated for clarity. Q: Let’s start with some background. What’s your full name, where are you from, what

Understanding the 2016 Election, Part II: The Democratic Primary

Virtually every major media outlet has given their take on the 2016 Presidential election, to the point where these examinations feel more indicative of each outlet’s identity than any real, comprehensive explanation of the event. Statistics-driven 538’s series focuses on how the rest of the media misinterpreted the polling data, perennial news explainer Vox largely