Another Victory Like This Will Undo Them

Flag of Virginia overlaid with the phrase "A Bitter Pill"

Judge Madeline Haikala’s Ruling Gives New Gardendale School District A Pyrrhic Victory At Best On May 24 Judge Madeline Haikala of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama issued a ruling on an attempt by the small city of Gardendale to split its schools from the Jackson County Schools District.  While

Roundtable – Gorsuch Confirmation

Torchlight is proud to announce a new feature on the site: the Roundtable, in which members of the staff get together to discuss the news. This week’s panel consists of Senior Managing Editor Josh Kyu Saiewitz, Politics Editor Christopher Dahlin, Tech Manager James Griffith, Writer Jeremy Rosenlund, Art Director Blake Smisko, and Editor-in-Chief Tom Rich.