Top Story: Biden to be 46th President

On the morning of November 7th 2020, four years after the election of Donald Trump, the defeat of the incumbent president by now President-Elect Joe Biden was announced. The importance of this historic win cannot be overstated. The wide margins in both the electoral college and popular vote reflect an American repudiation of fascism in

Cards for Debbie – Turning Rage to Love

On the night of his impeachment, Trump appeared at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, an expected swing state for the 2020 election. In offhand remarks, he went low, even by his standards, and suggested that late Congressman John Dingell of Michigan was in Hell. John’s widow Debbie Dingell has held her husband’s former seat

Trump’s Empty Chair on Climate Change

There was a climate change meeting on Monday, August 26, 2019, at the G-7 summit. Trump did not show. Instead other administration members went, supposedly. All the other leaders were there and went on without the American president. Trump’s actions once again left the U.S. increasingly isolated on the world stage, distanced even from its

America Continues to Choose Guns over Children

After the shooting of children and young people at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Santa Fe High School, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, American did next to nothing. Enough already. No more excuses. Unlike cars or knives, guns were made with one purpose: to kill. Contrary to what NRA leadership and the gun

Trump’s “Go Back Home” Tweet – A Diary

July 15th Yesterday, the president Tweeted about four congresspeople in a way that realistically can only be viewed as racist and white nationalist. It can be argued that he was just lashing out at criticism, but the fact that he chose the “go back to the country you came from” route for four U.S. citizens,

Policies, Not Political Pablum

With the first debate of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates only days away, we Americans need to shake off our conditioning and demand better than empty platitudes from our politicians. We have been raised on political pablum. When we ask politicians questions about policy, often they respond, at best, with generic, placating rhetoric designed to

10 Questions Congress Should Ask Robert Mueller

The following was compiled with the help of Torchlight Media’s editorial staff. UPDATE: After this article’s original June 3, 2019 publication, the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees issued subpoenas for Robert Mueller to testify publicly before Congress on July 17, 2019. The House Committees confirmed that Mueller has agreed to appear. We here at Torchlight

Treat the Cancer: Why Democrats Should Impeach Trump

A chest X-ray with a shadow of Trump's face in the left lung

Editor: Today’s guest contributor, Mark Baker, is a stay at home dad with a degree in Political Science and a minor in history. Mark is a USAF vet, liberal, atheist, vegetarian, ex-Mormon, ex-Republican, ex-conservative, living in the most Mormon, Republican, conservative state in the country. The following are his opinions in response to the current

Torchlight Brings You a Fiasco

The Mexican Standoff from the diner scene in Pulp Fiction, with Trump Administration figures' heads photoshopped on

Keeping up with the realities of the Trump Administration for the last couple of years has left a lot of people punch drunk.  We’ve decided to lean into that feeling, and are proud to bring you Trumpworld – “The Best People”, a playset for the Fiasco single-session collaborative roleplaying game.  If you want the vibe

How the Oscars Got It Wrong*

The lead characters of the Green Book looking back from a rearview mirror

* Or what the Oscars shows us about the insufferable self-congratulatory white people who desperately want credit for fighting bigotry without actually doing anything in any meaningful way whatsoever One thinks of how interesting it must be to be Donald Trump, the only president I can recall of who had not just one, but two