Torchlight Needs Diversity

This editorial was one of the first editorials Torchlight published.  With our return, we thought it important to make this statement again. Torchlight emerged from a video game webcomic’s forums, so our population of writers is basically what you would expect: mostly nerdy white guys who work in IT and have free time to dedicate

The DACA Rollback is Indefensible

The pragmatic arguments against President Trump’s rollback of the DACA program have been laid out at length. There is the fact that many beneficiaries of the program, colloquially known as Dreamers, have, for all intents and purposes, no ties or knowledge of their countries of origin. They may not even speak the language: buying one

Now Is The Time For Politics

As with every mass shooting in America, only more so, the cry went up last Wednesday following the attack on Congressional Republican members at a practice for a charity baseball game: Disgusting. Not a day for politics. — John Whitbeck (@JohnWhitbeck) June 14, 2017 (Whitbeck is the chair of the Republican Party in Virginia.)

NATO Doesn’t Exist to Win Wars; It Exists to Prevent Them

My personal Memorial Day tradition is fairly low-key. There’s a small veterans’ memorial in my town, and it happens to be on a route that I walk regularly, so when I pass by it on Memorial Day I take a few minutes to pause, read over some of the names engraved on the stones, and

The Joke’s on the GOP

An infamously raunchy joke goes something like this: a person goes into a talent agent’s office and tries to sell a pitch about their act, which is described as an increasingly deranged, offensive, and vile series of thoroughly-depraved behaviors. After all this, the agent responds with, “Well, what do you call this act?” “The Aristocrats!”

The Order of Regression

This morning, Representative Al Green (D-Texas)(wow, they do exist) took to the House floor and voiced his belief that President Donald Trump has defrauded, grifted, swindled, bamboozled, and embarrassed the United States enough to warrant his removal, and called for his being relieved of duty; whoever had “4 months or less” in the “How long

Caitlyn Jenner and the High Cost of Privilege

Caitlyn Jenner is possibly the most harmful personality in the culture war for LGBT rights, acceptance, and visibility . . . period. Last week, the avowed Republican stopped in Washington, D.C., to speak with Vice President Mike Pence whilst on tour promoting her tell-all memoir, the titillatingly-named, The Secrets of My Life, the title of