Trump’s Empty Chair on Climate Change

There was a climate change meeting on Monday, August 26, 2019, at the G-7 summit. Trump did not show. Instead other administration members went, supposedly. All the other leaders were there and went on without the American president. Trump’s actions once again left the U.S. increasingly isolated on the world stage, distanced even from its

Wasted Time: Trump and the Environment

A dumpster fire

As the shutdown continues, the decision to keep the National Parks open is having dire consequences. While the image of what is supposed to be our pristine national wilderness being completely trashed and (literally) shat upon is striking, the state of our environment is in even more danger. As climate change looms, this administration has

Roundtable – The Paris Accords

The Roundtable is a conversation about the news among Torchlight’s writers and editors. The transcript has been lightly edited for clarity. The conversation happened June 4. Tom Rich Welcome to the Roundtable, Torchlight’s weekly discussion of news and events. With us this week are Senior Managing Editor Josh Kyu Saiewitz, Junior Managing Editor David Schmitz,

The High Cost of Cutting Environmental Regulations

Donald Trump’s administration is planning on drastically cutting funds to the Environmental Protection Agency. Recently leaked documents show across the board reductions of 25%, with some programs and funds being eliminated completely. This move backs up promises Trump made along the campaign trail to reduce government spending and push more of the financial responsibility towards