A Contrast Of Visions: Obama’s 2017 Budget v. Trump’s 2018 Budget

“I mean, this budget isn’t going anywhere, no budget does. It’s a dream, and as such ripe for interpretation and analysis. Comparing Obama’s dream to Trump’s may be very illuminating” – Torchlight Senior Editor Josh Kyu Saiewitz It’s easy to discuss the FY 2018 budget proposed by the Trump administration as if it existed in

Now Is The Time For Politics

As with every mass shooting in America, only more so, the cry went up last Wednesday following the attack on Congressional Republican members at a practice for a charity baseball game: Disgusting. Not a day for politics. https://t.co/Kv3H9kshNY — John Whitbeck (@JohnWhitbeck) June 14, 2017 (Whitbeck is the chair of the Republican Party in Virginia.)

On Language

And that’s a week of Torchlight complete; thank you for joining us. Our writers have done some great work this week. Andrew Coleman took the media to task, laying out the terrain we want to inhabit as journalists. Amy Davidson brought us a sharp, compassionate look at the human impact of rescinding the transgender bathroom