Sam Nunberg’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day

Sam Nunberg's head superimposed on the cover art for "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day".

If you had not heard of Sam Nunberg before Monday, you are not alone. However, his awesome (in the classic sense of the word) meltdown on live television is so stark, singular, and self-immolating that we now need to know who he was, and what exactly happened. Mr. Nunberg was originally an advisor to then

Roundtable – Fire and Fury

The Roundtable is Torchlight staff’s discussion of news and events. The text has been lightly edited for clarity, and some links were added after the fact. This conversation happened on January 7, 2018. Tom Rich, Editor-in-Chief Welcome to the Roundtable, Torchlight’s weekly discussion of news and events. The big news in this first week of

The Order of Regression

This morning, Representative Al Green (D-Texas)(wow, they do exist) took to the House floor and voiced his belief that President Donald Trump has defrauded, grifted, swindled, bamboozled, and embarrassed the United States enough to warrant his removal, and called for his being relieved of duty; whoever had “4 months or less” in the “How long