All for One: Two Years of Trump’s Foreign Policy

A chessboard with a curled fecal deposit in the middle

While there is political disagreement over how to express and achieve the foreign policy goals of the United States, there is general agreement over what they are. For example, maintaining the American hegemony is generally seen as good for the stability of the international system. America achieves this through diplomacy, military power, intelligence operations, economic

Wasted Time: Trump and the Environment

A dumpster fire

As the shutdown continues, the decision to keep the National Parks open is having dire consequences. While the image of what is supposed to be our pristine national wilderness being completely trashed and (literally) shat upon is striking, the state of our environment is in even more danger. As climate change looms, this administration has

Two Years On: The Trump Administration’s Erosion of LGBT+ Protections

I had hoped we wouldn’t be here. I cried all night long when Trump won on Election Night two years ago, and one of the tools with which I clawed my way out of despair was the belief that this country was too good to allow this. “Surely, this is a mistake,” I told myself.

Roundtable – Two Years In

The Roundtable is Torchlight staff’s discussion of news and events. The text has been lightly edited for clarity, and some links were added after the fact. This conversation happened on January 6, 2019. Josh Kyu Saiewitz, Senior Managing Editor Hello and welcome to the Roundtable, Torchlight’s discussion of news and events. It’s good to be

Two Year Employment Review

Trump has largely avoided breaking the employment trends established under Obama As we reach the end of President Trump’s second year in office, the release of the December 2018 Employment Situation by the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an opportunity to examine how the labor market has developed under his administration, and compare it with